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Date Nights ROCK!!


Jan 2014


We have officially started our Date Night Program again.  Doing it a little different than before, still have the cards but we are adding a new technology with the app.  Why? Because our target audience is the 18-40 year olds and they have smart phones and know how to use them.  We have come to the conclusion that you DEFINITELY meet people where they are!!!

Why are we focusing on Date Nights?  “The Date Night Opportunity” was developed and reported on by the National marriage project out of the University of Virginia.  This report found that Date Nights helped with…

  1. Communication
  2. Increase in relationship quality with novelty
  3. Eros  or romantic love
  4. Commitment
  5. De-Stress

With communication we hope to see couples having a chance to talk to each other without interruptions with the kids or work or house stuff.  With our Date Night Cards and App couples go to a restaurant (hopefully without the kids) they talk and catch up and hopefully talk about something besides problems.  They have a positive conversation.

With the novelty portion, they can have a chance to either dress up or have something to look forward to.  Novelty is just changing things up.  I’ve heard of some of the couples where the husband actually sets out her clothes and invites her quite romantically.  How fun.  On the app there are fun little surveys such as what kind of kisser are you.  Yes, it’s silly and corny, but as I tell couples, we actually LOVE corny when it’s just the two of us.

The Romantic love definitely increases.  For instance you feel special.  For many their “Love Language” is being addressed, such as spending quality time together.  Or Acts of Service when you go to the effort to make the arrangements for the date and babysitting.  Or Words of Affirmation, going through the question or just telling your spouse you appreciate them for taking the time to spend with you.  Or Physical touch- well, the Romantic Love will increase this and hopefully there will be some of this even if it’s just handholding.  And the Gift of just giving the card is great.  So Romance is involved with meeting the love language.

The Commitment is definitely increased because you are having fun together.  Who wants to stay with someone if you’re not having fun?  And commitment to the Date Nights each month with prove your commitment.

And lastly it is definitely a De-Stresser unless you have a Date Night like the one on the movie Tina Fey and Steve Carell from “Date Night” had.  Too funny!  I really don’t think that will happen around here.  I know it helps me to De-Stress because my husband gets me away from everything.  I love it!!

Why do you enjoy Date Night?  Can you give us some good reasons that you have developed this good habit for your marriage?


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