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Find Time and Have Fun Together AGAIN!!


Dec 2012


I have just come off of one of the greatest trips that John and I have ever taken.  John knows how much I love Williamsburg and especially at Christmas time. We have been there at least fifteen times since we’ve been married.  For our twenty-second anniversary we packed our bags and headed up to Richmond, VA then drove over to Williamsburg, as my son-in-law, Beau,  calls it Colonial Fantasyland.

It was such a great get away doing all the things we love to do.  We were able to rekindle the excitement we have for each other.  We ate at our favorite restaurants,  went to our favorite sites and talked to some very interesting people.  We went to some great musical programs and even heard a wonderful 18th Century Sermon.  We love to learn and explore together.

We need to do this to get reacquainted again.  When you have kids, a job and church or whatever else you get into we can lose each other.  I see couples forget what it was like when they were dating.  When you can think about those times you will probably notice that you get some really warm feelings and you start feeling close again.  There is another way to feel close and that’s to dream together.  What do you want to accomplish, see or do?  Share with each other.  When you share your feelings intimacy comes that makes the two of you a couple.

I’m sharing some pictures, but also hope to help you think about what do you two like to do together.  We went over all the things we like, such as history and talking with people, and even exploring new things.

In 2013, I hope you will take the time to know your husband or wife and make a strong effort to spend time just having fun, re-exploring what you used to enjoy.  I think it will bring a lot of warm memories.  When we stop having fun together why should we want to be together?  That’s one of the reasons that I started the Dating My Spouse Program.  It’s so easy to get busy doing LIFE that we forget to have fun. I needed to make an effort to forget LIFE and just enjoy.  We at Family Frameworks want to help you in any way that we can to develop the habit of spending time together.  We hope to provide ideas that are entertaining, creative and inexpensive.  You NEED it!

Try to do it without the kids for a change.  It’s ok to enjoy something besides a movie and dinner.  Let’s hear it from you.  What are the things you used to do that you really enjoyed doing together?  And What are some new things that you do to share time together.  Share them with us.  I hope to also give you some ideas in the next week about some creative things you can do to date and enjoy each other.  My message is simple, Find time and have fun together.

Here’s to a GREAT Year in 2013

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  1. Matthew Smith

    It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I’m glad you could enjoy your time together.

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