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Having the BEST family yet!!


Mar 2013


Well, I think I have some that are reading this, but not sure, if you could post and follow that would be great.  I still have the golf umbrella I’d love to give away with the dating my spouse cards.  Just like us on Facebook then follow us on the blog.  Would like to hear a comment.

As I’ve been working with families for over twenty years I’m noting those that stay intact are the ones that take seriously some good habits.  Just recently I had a post from Megan that told me that I had told her to keep the date nights going even when the babies are little.  They tried and it was hard, but have committed once again to doing the Dating My Spouse week every month and they are back in the habit.  Their family is thriving!

Since I started this organization my heart has always been for those couples with small children.  Dr. John Gottman of the Gottman InstituteGottman institute has done voluminous studies to determine what makes a successful marriage.  One of the things that I have taken to heart is I  as a medical professional (not just me, but anyone) have the greatest influence for the marriage during the nine months of pregnancy and three months following the delivery.  I’m not sure why but speculate that the bonding time and chemical hormones are ripe at that time to help the couples trust and learn.  So I have adapted into my practice of well care to ask the family how they are doing.  Are they married? If not why not?  What can we do to help them?  Then I ask if you’re married when are you going to start the date night time again.

Babies and children can cause “whirlwinds” in our lives.  We get focused on all the needs of this child or that and the busy-ness that we forget the one thing that is the most essential for a child’s health, which is two healthy loving biological parents.  Taking the hour during this busy time to give your husband time on a date away from the child can mean the health or death of a marriage.  It is during this time that a couple can reconnect and share and remember why they are together.  When one or the other of the couple does not feel important there is a greater chance the marriage can fail.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the hardest to implement.  Taking the time, putting the money in the budget and actually acting on it is essential.  I want to encourage you to trust your babies to someone, for just one hour.  When I would do that I had a different perspective, I could be a better mom and my husband was a better dad.  We worked better as a team.  What can I do to encourage those of you with the little ones to TAKE THE TIME away from them.  They will be ok!!!.

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  1. Matthew Smith

    There’s a good lookin’ couple in this post! :) I’m glad you got’s Maglee in there too.

  2. Kathy Schleier

    I’m late, but finally saw this. Still learning about this blog stuff. Yep!! One of my favoritest!

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