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"I guess this means we’re married"


Feb 2013


Unfortunately I’m one of the lucky ones that hit the 40% that the flu shot did not work.  I tried to work yesterday and realized something is just not right and did a test and found out I had flu B.  I got out of there and headed home and put myself to bed.  I felt horrible!

Just a few hours later my husband came home with similar symptoms.  Bless his heart, in the process of getting home he had picked up chicken noodle soup and some other meds for me.  I had called in Tamiflu for him and me.  By 7 pm we were both in the bed.  A thermometer in his mouth and a Kleenex box by my side, he looked at me and said. “I guess this means we are married”.

Yes,  what a comforting thought!! We are married.  We can feel comfortable with each other enough to look our worse and need help from the other.  I am so thankful that we are married.

I recently ran across this This blog had some great and practical ideas of being close even when you have the flu.   That looks just like John and me.  We stay so close that we are not afraid of sharing the germs.  We know that we are one and that our immune system is built up by being with each other.  It’s great comfort to have him upstairs in the same room or area with me.  Both of us trying to help each other.  I think he actually helped me a lot more.

What a blessing to be able to share in sickness and in health.  Hope you don’t get this bug!!!

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