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Jun 2013


Recently I finished my seventh or eight Sprint Triathlon.  I know you are wondering “WHY?”  Sometimes that’s me too.  But I started thinking about why have I done this, and there are several reasons.  I first started when my BFF challenged me to do a Danskin Tri at
Disney World when we turned 50.  I said sure.  That would be good for me.  I never dreamed how good it would be!!  Since then I have made it my goal to do at least one every year.  I think I missed one cause I didn’t get registered in time.  But otherwise I’ve done one every year since that challenge.

But I never realized what the benefits would be for me.  Yes, you would think first of the physical benefits, I did get in shape and lost a few pounds.  I got stronger and I got more confidence in myself.  With this I also got endurance and discipline.  All are wonderful goals.  But the greatest benefit I have gotten is when I have encouraged others to join me and watch them grow.

Cindi and I had our daughters join us.  We now watch them as they continue to do either running or triathlons or some kind of physical events.  They are much healthier because of it.  Then I started training and my husband did not want me to ride by myself so he had to get a bike and we started training together.  We have grown so much closer because of our commonality in biking.  We have also grown in our friendships with others.  I have been encouraged to do metrics and centuries from our dear friends that we bike with.  They encouraged me and I in turn have encouraged others.  We all are changing and growing.  It’s so inspiring and encouraging to watch the growth.

Then there is my running group.  As I trained for my first tri I met a couple of girls that would help me with the running portion.  We have continued this tradition and meet most mornings to enjoy our run, walk whatever and coffee together.  We have done tri’s together rides together and shopped.  What a blessing to grow with friends.  Seven years we have enjoyed each others’ company.

Then there is our Biking Community.  From there I have found a friend that wanted to join me last year in all my crazy goals.  She was crazy and did each one with me.  Now this year we set our goals again and boy she is beating me.  She and another girlfriend joined me on this tri and beat me in my time.  What fun to watch people succeed.  I have another girlfriend that is joining me this next week for the Calloway Tri and it will be her first.

From there we have made friends with swimmers, bikers and runners and I have been blessed by all.
One of my friends that joined me a couple of years ago in Florida for a TRI wrote on my FB “your still inspiring”.  Wow,  that was a real compliment.  More so than finishing.  If I can inspire others here I hope I can inspire in other areas of my life.  I have found that my husband and I inspire many in their marriages, in their parenting and in their spiritual life.  That to me is so much better than anything else I can do in this world.  I am now seeing the people that say they were inspired by me inspiring others and the ripple effect is taking place.  WOW!!!   That’s what

we are called to do.  How can you inspire someone?  First of all I want to say, yes, you can be an inspiration!!! No matter what you have done or where you have come from there is something that you are inspiring others to do.  I want to encourage you to inspire!  Inspire others all along the way and YOU will be the winner!!!

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