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Apr 2013


Believe it or not, I’m still recovering from this journey.  Being the age that I am it takes a longer time to get back to where I was before I attempted this crazy idea of biking 440 miles.  I look back and realize even more what a journey it was!!

When we left Houston, MS, our sweet hostess sent us on our way through a less dangerous but a little more circuitous route.  We got up to the Trace without difficulty.  It’s so wonderful when you have people in your life that help you get back safely when you get off track.  The day started out beautiful.  We enjoyed sunshine, but also some wind.  Which reminds me that even when there are good times there are still some challenges we will face.  We had some ups and downs with the hills as we traveled. This day would be a little longer.  As we went a long we noticed our radar that rain was coming in.  But fortunately we kept heading south to Kosciusko, MS without rain upon us.  We could shed some clothes but it was still a bit nippy as we went along.

This was the day I was really looking forward to since I knew we would get to stop halfway at French Camp to eat lunch.  French Camp is a delightful little community with a group home and school for both troubled children or those without homes.  We had stayed here before so I knew what a wonderful campus they had.  They also had a great cafe that we could enjoy a sit down lunch.  We had not gotten to really experience this along the way.

 When I had agreed to this trip, I thought that we would be going along the trace and when it would be lunch time we could just scoot over to a little cafe and eat.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened.  Most of those scoot off the Trace places were 5-10 miles off the Trace, which is not a problem in a car, but I knew that when our regular schedule would be 75 miles another 5-10 miles was not my idea of scooting off the trace. But I realize that’s how life is, we have certain expectations when we first agree to this marriage thing and then once we get into it, it’s not what we thought it would be.  So French Camp was a wonderful oasis in the middle of the day.  We enjoyed their soup and sandwich and delicious Mississippi Mud Cake.

With that break it was much easier to make the other 36 miles we had to go to Kosciusko.  So off we pedaled to Kosciusko.  Our Next place was about 3 miles off the Trace.  We got their and saw a lovely brick home from the early 20th century.  We rang the bell and once again no answer.  We ended up calling and the hostess’ helper came right over and let us in.  We had the most beautiful room on the first floor.  Which by that time was essential, there’s no way our legs wanted to go up and down the stairs.  Ends up we were all by ourselves in the big home.  There were so many beautiful details that were there originally.  It was almost spooky with the stained glass windows and big poster beds.

There were lots of amenities like free wi-fi and walking
distance to a quaint downtown.  The owner was just across the street.  It was a wonderful resting place and we even had a washer and dryer to help us make it through the rest of the trip.  But we were all by ourselves.  A little lonely but still nice.  Seemed a little like our empty nest stage that we are enjoying now.  A little lonely but still nice.

We got tickled in the morning because with each of the BnB’s we had been staying in for the past few days we enjoy wonderful fancy breakfasts just before we headed out,  but this breakfast was a little more like what we would get at the convenience store.  It worked, and out we
headed in full rain gear.  This would be our longest hardest day with 86 miles to get to our next stop, Raymond, MS.

It started raining just as we got on our bikes and we did not see it stop until we arrived at our destination in Raymond.  We were able to have a nice break again when we went right through Jackson and enjoy a beautiful area.  We made friends at the bike shop and even got a wonderful Greek lunch.   All so very enjoyable especially allowing us to warm up out of the rain.  These two days were more what I thought we were going to experience, but not necessarily in the rain.  So I had to put on my big girl panties and be happy about this opportunity and keep heading south.

Up and down and pedal and pedal we finally made it to Raymond. This would be a bit more challenging to find our exit because the BnB owners property backed up to the trace and they had a trail that we would follow to their home. 86 miles is really long and doing it in the rain seemed even longer.  Looking for just the right ribbon was tedious, but we finally arrived.  And what a beautiful arrival it was!!!

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