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Nov 2012


A dream is coming true.  Starting the blog and talking about all the things that are important to keeping families together.  We hope you will find some useful information that will inspire you to keep your marriage strong.

First of all what are we about?  We are about keeping the families together from the start.  When I think about our name I think about a builder and how he puts a house together.  He first has a blueprint of what he wants to build.  How many people don’t even think about what kind of marriage they want?  Most will just say they want a happy marriage.   That’s the premarital counseling portion.  If you are getting married, don’t leave the blueprint out,  it’s going to be much harder to build the marriage.

Then there is the gathering of the materials.  That’s what we do in a marriage, we gather the materials that make our home unique to us.  Our values, traditions, our family members.  Let’s make those strong and sound.  If there is a weakness in the materials that we build or we don’t know how to build traditions, we don’t have strong values and are constantly changing our minds.  Then the family framework is going to be weak.  Build it strong, determine your values, build on your traditions and teach your children well.

Then last,  the necessity of maintenance after a home is built.  You have to do the maintenance or the house rots, the framework becomes weak.   You have to do the maintenance to keep a strong family.  Date nights, just like cleaning keeps the house strong and well taken care of.  Self-nurturing for both husband and wife, do things that make you stronger such as accountability groups, The yearly marriage retreat or get away for just the two of you.

All of these make for the strong framework of the family.  I hope to talk about a lot of different things that can build this for you.  I believe we  ALL want happy healthy marriages.  When we have healthy marriages our families are strong and when our community has strong families, there is a thriving community.  Hope you’ll come back and join me again.  The Family Framework Blog

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