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May 2013


Ok,  Got a little contest for those that read this,  Be #5 to post me and I will give you a CBC golf umbrella.  Pretty nice.  Help us get this blog out there ok?

This past weekend was one of those warm touchy feely weekends with John.  We basically had the weekend to get away and we chose to take advantage of it.  We got to our church camp-meeting up in Collegedale and had a great time seeing old friends and lots of family.  Saw my niece from Cali and my precious grandson.  Can’t get enough of him.  Then had the opportunity to see our granddaughters from Cincinnati, OH.  What a wonderful sound to
hear these high-pitched voices cry MIMI and GRANDY!!!  We got to take them to get ice cream and generally got to hold and love them.  What a treat.  We only missed our littleist granddaughter this time.  She was still trying to

wake up and we had to get on the road.

In getting away on the spur of the moment we took the puppy with
us and totally enjoyed her company.  She loves to ride in the car and loves to be with us.  We were able to take her on walks and just enjoy her sweet company.  Boy it sounds like we are getting old.  But you know what we are getting older and we are in our golden years.

We also got to enjoy the Challenge of the century in Hartwell.  Still able to hang in there for 64 miles by golly, so at least not too decrepid.  Met some interesting people along the way.  Got up at the hotel for breakfast and met this cute girl that had a kit (bikers outfit) that said Power, pedals and ponytails.  Well, I was hoping I could get one of those jerseys, until I found out what you have to do to qualify for it.  She is on a team that is in the Race Across America.  Dany and Kacie are two girls that will go from  Oceanside, CA to Virginia Beach in 7 days without stopping.  They pedal all day and night getting 5 hours of sleep a day. Whoa!  And you thought I was crazy!!

Got into the bike ride and get to the first stop and meet an interesting older
gentleman from Berlin, Germany that had the neatest gadget to scare the dogs away.  Thirty miles later we meet two girls, one had a jersey that said SWIM-BIKE-MOM.  Me showing my ignorance asked did you do that TRI?  Well, that’s not a tri, it’s a person that blogs.  My daughter recently gave me her book that she wrote recently.  Wonderful story and lots of good information for preparing to be a triathlete.  I learned from her that I am one. ( you only have to do more than 2) I was thrilled to actually get to meet her.  One of the things I had noted in her book was how she lifted her husband up so graciously.  She thought of his needs and showed such compassion and empathy through her story.  How refreshing, more times than not we don’t hear spouses lifting their spouses up, but hear them making fun of them or complaining about them. (I’ve been guilty of this)  It was even cute how she was in a tizzy at the SAG stop because her husband was wanting her to hurry up and finish, because he had something go wrong with his bike.  He encouraged her to do the 100, but called and asked she just do the 59.  All she said was,  I thought he told me to go ahead and get my ride in, I guess for the sake of my marriage I will go ahead and get finished.  Don’t we all know that feeling?  Our spouse tells us to do one thing then doesn’t really mean it.  I can so relate.  The unfortunate thing is that I did not get pictures of these interesting people.

We finished our ride and my sweet husband helped pull me up and down all the hills with a 16.7 average.  Best I’ve ever done for that long.  I was really hoping to make it to 17 but I am proud of what I did.  I actually feel the most secure when I’m on his wheel and know he’s watching out for me.  I know he is not purposefully going to do anything to hurt me, so I feel safe.

We then left and came back through Helen, GA and decided we needed a treat for supper and ate at the Bodensee.  What  fond memories of the Bodensee we have (the actual Bodensee in Germany)  I got speitzel and oh was it so good and rich.  What a great way to end a great day.

We got home and found a package on our doorstep.  John came running up and said look what we got, you won’t believe who sent

us this.  On our trip down the Natchez, Trace we met a sweet older couple that we enjoyed talking to for quite a while.  We learned that he had just had open heart surgery and he was on his way home from Jackson, MS.  The wife had told me that he was a local artisan in Natchez and displayed his pottery at the Visitor’s Center,  His name was Tom Hughes.  I found his work and bought a piece as a reminder of the visit we had at the rest area.  I wrote to him to let him know I found his work and I hoped he was healing well.  To our surprise he sent us two beautiful mugs that said enjoy the journey.  What a special treat!!

You never know who you might be striking up a conversation with.  I’ve learned that talking with those around us is so much fun to learn their stories and a little about them.  I feel so blessed to get to meet so many wonderful people.  Learning about relationships is not only about you and your spouse it’s how you reach out to others.  How you meet others along the way.

I look back on this weekend and I think about all the things we did and I feel so blessed.  We get to do them because we have been together for so long.  We are empty nesters.  After twenty-three years we have lots of experiences both good and bad.  We have gone through a lot of history together and gained lots of passion for lots of different areas.  How fun and comfortable it is to be able to do it with your best friend.  I am saddened when I think of those that gave up when the going got tough with their mate and now in the empty nest years are on their own.  We are living such a rich life since our children are grown.  The hard times make our rewards now seem even greater.  I love this stage of my life.

When our life together ends I hope we will just remember how great those times were.  I truly am blessed to be married to my best friend.  I really hope you are too.  You look at the good times and build those up and you will have an exciting life together too.  I know it.  I’ve changed my perspective and it has changed me.

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