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The Journey Continues….


Apr 2013


Isn’t that how we feel some times.  The journey just keeps going even though we don’t want it too.  I think I filled you in to when we went home to the wedding, and it was a little hard to get back to the grind of pedaling that bicycle.   We had done 2 days in the rain and enjoyed a wonderful day in our own bed.  Life was looking up.  But now we had to get back in our car and travel 5 hours back to Baldwyn, MS.  But you know we were refreshed and renewed.  Kind of reminds me when we have gotten a break with a vacation or a retreat and we are ready to face life again.

We got in pretty late and it was kind of like the commercial where Tom Bodett with his friendly voice says “We’ll leave the light on for you.”  That’s what Tom and Jeannie at our Bed n’ Breakfast did.  We got into our very comfortable room and slept so very well and awoke to our new found friends that had been so very helpful to us through our recent journey.  They had a delicious breakfast that would sustain us through our journey.  And the most delightful part of breakfast was the visit with Tom and Jeannie as they sat and ate breakfast with us.  We learned so many fun things about them and found we had a kindred spirit for biking.  You know it’s these friends that help us along the way, picking us up and saying “Well your almost half way, you will see this and this and ….”  It was so encouraging to have this stop.  We were also blessed in that they were willing to keep our car as we continued our journey down the Natchez.

The next day we enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day in the sunshine we could actually get our speed up to 14 miles/ hour.  We only had to do 76 miles.  We saw more buzzards and a skunk and even a raccoon which scared me a tad since it was out during the day.  Our ride was good.  We were headed to Houston, MS.  We were able to take our lunch stop at the Tupelo Visitor’s Center.  Enough to keep us going to Houston.  We had our ups and downs and it seemed like my attitude was improving.  John had given me plenty of opportunity to quit, but now I was going because I wanted to continue.  I found that I was doing much better if I listened to the music and just kept pedaling.  It seemed that John was much more patient now with me that we had both decided this is what we wanted to do.  I found that in our married life too.  About year fifteen I found that I was in this thing to the end.  I chose to accept John where he is and see the good in that and keep going and enjoy the journey.  And we did.

Getting off in Houston was an adventure in itself.  John had the directions to the best way to get to the
Bed n’ Breakfast.  BUT….. it was in an inconvenient place and he couldn’t get to it.  So we just got off the exit to Houston and headed to the BnB the best way we could.  A very busy street with trucks and lots of pot holes was the way we chose to go, it seemed forever to go the last 4 miles.  I stayed as close to John as I could but it was a definite challenge.  We arrived at Bridges – Hall Manor through the great obstacle course.  Our Victorian home was right downtown.  A beautiful home in a very southern town. We found the doorbell and rang it and rang it and rang it then we called.  Finally, Ms. Carol was able to hear us and welcomed us with wonderful Southern Hospitality.

The first thing John asked was, ” Where’s a good place to get a steak?”  He had not looked at the directions and accommodations and first of all we had come the wrong way in, there was a more direct and safer route written out for us, but he had also failed to see that we had ordered a very delightful dinner there at the BnB.  Carol being the gracious southerner took it that we were not interested in chicken so canceled our dinner and sent us to “No Way Jose”.  We later looked at the itinerary and found the menu that we had forfeited, Herb crusted honey mustard chicken with Godiva chocolate pie for dessert.  Bummer!! We messed up!!! You gotta read the directions.  Sometimes along the way of life we go the wrong way cause we won’t listen or we don’t follow the original plan.  Carol was gracious and forgiving but we had lost out on a delightful dinner.  But after you realize it you apologize, and move on and try to get back on track.  Our room there was gorgeous.  Carol was into collecting beautiful things.  They were everywhere in her home.  After a quick sleep we were up again and our sweet Southern Hostess sent us on a route that was quite scenic and safe.  She also rode along with us to make sure we had our route correct.  How wonderful to have someone walk with you to help you get back on track.  We were back on the road with the wind to our back and sunshine above and headed to our next destination……

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