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There’s nothing like a beautiful Bride and Groom!!


Jan 2013


Yesterday I was saddened and a bit hurt that someone did not want me to use their wedding picture on my blog.  And I respect that, but I was not expecting to hear that.  So I got an idea let me just put it out there to ask my friends on Facebook for their wedding pictures.  I was overwhelmed with a positive response.  I had pictures from this summer to fifty years ago.  All with positives about sure show people my pictures.  Which I’m thrilled to do!!

But the most amazing part of this process was a little serendipity that happened.  Over and over people posted their pictures on my wall which would show up for others to see.  I had some wondering what I was doing and others just commenting on their friends wedding pictures.  Then I thought, that’s wonderful,  there are such positive warm memories that are brought back when we look at our wedding pictures or others.  People would reinforce to a couple how beautiful they were or boy look how far you come.  Others would literally look and see that wow, we have come a long way and we have made it this far we can keep going.

When you look back, and myself included,  don’t you think about the time between then and now.  You think about the warm feelings and butterflies when you dated.  Some of the dumb things you chose to do, but you still made it 30 years.  Or boy, there have been some rough patches, but we made it through those, I know we can make it through some more.

I was  talking to a sweet friend that asked me this morning if this was just for those who take my classes.  No,  I just want to see happy wedding pictures.  Then she shared with me that I was the only one that encouraged her when things got tough in her marriage.  Of course that touched me, but more than that it reinforced to me what I have seen, we need to encourage others that they can make it rather than to leave.  Our world wants to say that there is emotional abuse or co-dependence in marriage relationships.  Nope, there’s not, nobody does it perfect and we gotta keep going and learning how to make it work.  If you don’t stay in the marriage you won’t figure it out.

These are so eclectic and beautiful.  Everyone has their own twist to their marriage just as to the wedding.  We can’t look at someone else’s marriage and say I want mine to be just like that.  It doesn’t work.  We have to work on our own and do the very best that we can.  But isn’t it a joy to see so many beautiful pictures.  Thank you to all who have given me their pictures.  I will probably do this again because of such a wonderful response.

I read somewhere that when you are struggling in your marriage it is good to look back at old pictures of when you were happy and when you felt “in love”.  That helps to bring those feelings back and you say “I think I can do this, I promised forever”.  I encourage you to pull out the old pix and get the warm feelings refreshed.  Maybe do that as a date night.   Just smile and enjoy,  you never know what might happen next.  :-)

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