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We’re giving away Dating My Spouse Cards worth up to $200 or more


Mar 2013


Ok,  here’s the catch!! We want you to like our blog.  If you are reading on Facebook, please go in and register and become a follower.  Share with your friends.  Like us on Facebook and make a comment on our blog. What kind of information would you like to see on our site or what do you think we are doing that is working?

BUT you gotta live in the area!!  Won’t work if you live in Atlanta or California, ok?

We are starting this today, March 7 and ending it on Sunday, March 10.  Just in time for the March Dating My Spouse Week.

The First one to do this will get a Cohutta Banking Golf Umbrella and a Dating My Spouse Card,  which could be a big plus when you go out next week.  Let’s see what happens here.

Ok one more time.
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