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What’s the price of Christmas?


Dec 2012


Christmas is closer and I’m seeing more people in the malls.  It was interesting, last week, I heard a broadcaster say that right now the number of people that are shopping is lower but there will be a big jump this next week because of black Friday.  
It’s so very tempting to get all wrapped up into buying the gifts.  We try to find the one that is going to be perfect so that we can make the best impression.   But how many can remember what they got for Christmas 2 years ago.   The value of giving the gifts is to listen and give from your heart.  I don’t believe that is always BIG.  Finding the perfect quote or song can be quite impressive to some.  Others it is just the act of trying to find the perfect gift.  
When we keep this in mind we can relax and enjoy.  Listen to those that you love and hear what’s most important.  Is it just time with them, or is it that they want to feel important to you?  Feeling important is knowing you are top on their list.  Is your husband/wife tops?  Or is it somebody else.  Listen.  What is your spouse trying to tell you? 
Are you both on the same page?  Do you have different values?  Have you talked about it?  Do you have a budget?  What’s reasonable?  Once again,  communication is the key.  Enjoy a date and talk about this BEFORE you shop more.  You might think you need this or that and come next month you might regret it.  Think before you purchase.  Have a plan and stick with it.  It’s ok to spend less, especially if one of you is more uncomfortable with it.  But it’s up to the two of you not your mom, kids or anyone else.  You talk it out and decide.   Your marriage and Your family is the most important thing.  Good luck, and don’t feel guilty either way.  

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2 Responses to “What’s the price of Christmas?”

  1. Matthew Smith

    I was waiting on Caffrey to finish eating this morning, and I thought that it would be really cool to take a bunch of pictures of you and Big John doing your dates and make a post about each one if them as they happen. Sometimes I’m lacking on blog material…

  2. Kathy Schleier

    Yep, I think you got that from this, huh?

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