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Who’s important to you?


Dec 2012


It’s December 18 and only 7 more days until Christmas.  Busy-ness is filling the air.  I read this quote and it hit me how I’m neglecting what’s important.  Where am I spending my time?  Can I leave my schedule behind?  This is a huge challenge for me.  
I don’t have my cards out, I want to get my house cleaned thoroughly.  I need to run some errands and I need to get a couple more presents.  If I don’t stay on schedule I won’t get it done.  Then I get cross with those that I love so very much.  But, if they need me, I will drop everything for them. 
People often say to me, I didn’t want to bother you, you are so busy.  I need to keep this quote posted, because life is about relationships not about getting things done. 
My husband and family so deserves for me to not look at my schedule.  I schedule time to focus on them, it’s called vacation?   But to drop everything when they need me makes them feel loved and important to me.  
 My busy-ness was tested last week.  My employer was very kind in letting me drop my schedule for 2 days so I could be with my daughter and new grandson.  I dropped it all and tried to be available when she needed me.  Focusing on her and her needs right then was important. 
One of my favorite memories of my Dad was when I would call him during his busy schedule as a physician, he would ALWAYS take the time to answer my call.  I felt important when he did that.  Whenever we drop whatever we are doing and focus on a person, most always, they feel important.  Feeling important to people is important in relationships. When we feel important we feel loved.    
Let’s drop our busy-ness and focus on those we love.  Make ’em feel important, because they are!! 

2 Responses to “Who’s important to you?”

  1. Matthew Smith

    Thank you so very much for wiping your schedule clean to come and stay with us. You helped SO much! Love you!

  2. Paulina

    That’s an expert answer to an inesiettrng question

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