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Some of the Greatest Dad’s in the WORLD!!

  • Some of the Greatest Dad’s in the WORLD!!


Jun 2014


Barry & BoysFor the past eight years I have been blessed to lead Family Frameworks and advocate heathy marriages that lead to strong families and thriving communities.  I have some of the best board members and volunteers that have been such tremendous dads.  They are real heroes to me.

This year I think of a very special dad.  For six years I have had a wonderful leader on my board.  He’s not only a leader in my organization but in my home.  Barry Blevins is a tremendous inspiration to me.  I remember six years ago they did not realize what was going on with their oldest son.  I remember he and His wife Holly apologizing for him because he was all over the place and hard to control.  I think he was about three at the time.  It was soon after his son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  It explained many things, but it did not make it easier.   He and Holly were determined to work as a team to do whatever it took to help their son be the best he could be.  I love to hear the stories of what his sweet son is doing and how he had to be here or there for him.  I can always reassure him,  that is where he is supposed to be.  He realizes his role as dad and has stayed right there in the home when things were not always easy.  Today he shared how he used to try to discipline as he was taught with corporal punishment.  Barry is a big burly football player, but to hear him talk so sweetly and calmly to that precious child is an inspiration and can make any mother fall in love with him.  Luckily he and Holly are a team and keep their team strong.

As a mom, I know that one of the sexiest things I can think of, is when my husband stands up and acts like a DAD!  He gets down on the floor and rolls around and wrestles and plays like no mommy can!!  These daddy’s know just how to play and touch in a fatherly way to make them feel like they are the most beautiful princesses in the world!

Gene Stallings familyI’m so blessed to know so many wonderful daddies. This is just one of the guys that I hae watched over the years.  I mention him because of his special needs child.  It takes a really special dad to hang in there when it’s tough.  August 9th Gene Stallings will be here to talk about how he and his wife handled raising a down’s syndrome child and how they had to work as a team.  Don’t miss it!!!   Thank you guys for your beautiful example!!!

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