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Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships, Paperback Book
by Chip Ingram Everyone wants to love and be loved. The pursuit of “true love” is everywhere you look! It’s romanticized on TV and in the movies we watch. There are books about it, songs about it, internet dating, and even seminars on it…all of which are designed to “help” you find that special someone to love. So why is “true love” so elusive? Could it be that the picture of love we see in today’s culture is nothing more than an illusion? If so, what does real love look like? In this book, you’ll discover that there is a better way to find love, stay in love, and grow intimacy for a lifetime. Chip Ingram unpacks Ephesians Chapter 5 and delivers to us God’s prescription for building relationships that last a lifetime.
I Kissed Dating Goodbye
by Joshua Harris I was 21-years old when I wrote my story of giving up the dating game in order to focus on serving God. The hope behind it was that other singles would be helped by some of the lessons I was learning. Most people have an opinion about “that book about not dating.” Some love it; others despise it. I’d encourage you not to assume you know what it says without having read it. Many readers who start out critics of I Kissed Dating Goodbye are surprised to learn that the core message of the book isn’t about “dating,” but living your life for God.In 2003, I Kissed Dating Goodbye was updated to the version now available, which includes a new foreward (by Sam Torode), a new chapter, and expanded content in many chapters.
How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk
by Dr. John Van EppYears of clinical research along with observations from his own private practice has inspired Dr. John Van Epp to develop universally applicable, proven strategies to navigate the complexities of love. By employing both your mind and your heart, you’ll be able to recognize the difference between “the one” and a jerk – and unlock the key to a blissful, loving marriage.

Choose Your Own Adulthood

By Hal Runkel Congratulations, reader! You’ve successfully navigated through the trials of childhood and adolescence. Now, as you voyage through high school to college and beyond, you’re set to begin your next big adventure: adulthood. A few big decisions await you, from majors and minors to jobs and careers (and maybe even marriage!). However, in between the big ones, you’ll make a million other smaller, subtler choices that will underpin everything from your friendships to your bank account. These are the daily choices that will truly define you . . . so how will you choose?

Loving Bravely

By Alexandra Solomon Real love starts with you. In order to attract a life partner and build a healthy intimate relationship, you must first become a good partner to yourself. This book offers twenty invaluable lessons that will help you explore and commit to your own emotional and psychological well-being so you can be ready, resilient, and confident in love.