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Fantasy VS Reality

Fantasy vs Reality- event (1)


  • Do we continue to live in our FANTASY or do we challenge our community and face the REALITY?
  • Do we expect change without actually changing anything or do we start questioning how we got here?
  • Do we simply sit on our hands and carelessly hope for the best or do we acknowledge that is  frivolous and true hope is brought about through selflessness, caring, and action.

As an individual this can feel overwhelming, but through partnership we desire to help carry this burden.

Partner with us in implementing meaningful change within the hearts and minds of our teenagers, our future.


We have developed this program to be the starting point to engage our teenagers in logical and reasonable thinking about their beliefs and actions.


Throughout the year Fantasy Vs. Reality will be offered focusing on various topics.

Upcoming Topics:

  • Depression and Suicide
  • Dating
  • Workplace
  • Media
  • Who Am I and what’s my purpose?
  • And so many more!

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