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3 Valentine’s Day Fixes

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Feb 2017


3 Ways to Fix Valentine’s Day By Katie Walker, LMSW


Some people love Valentine’s Day. They relish in the flowers, hearts, and romance. And they kick butt at pulling off the picture perfect evening.

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For the rest of us, Valentine’s Day is overwhelming and kinda dreaded. The pressure to plan the prefect evening and to have that evening go perfectly is a lot to deal with. Add the massive amounts of people attempting the same feat! That’s a lot of tension in the air!

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Here are three ways to take the pressure off Valentine’s day!

ONE: Start being romantic now!

There is no reason to wait until Valentine’s Day to pack a whole years of romance into one night. If you start making small romantic gestures now and carry that out throughout the year, there is less pressure to pack it into one night. It also comes a lot easier and isn’t as awkward. If Valentine’s day is the only time you go the extra mile for your spouse it’s going to be stressful, awkward, and can feel in-genuine. (Especially when society is the one making you do it.) But, if you sporadically start doing things for your spouse all year long (dressing up for dates, going on dates, buying small gifts, complimenting them) the pressure doesn’t feel so crushing that ONE day a year.

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TWO: Create your own Valentine’s day!

Let’s call a spade a spade; Valentine’s Day is a corporate holiday designed to make money. Which means, it’s designed to get you to spend money. So create your own Valentine’s Day. Pick a random day or one that’s special and plan to go all out that day. I promise the pressure to buy all the extra frills won’t be there staring you in the face every time you walk into a store. Plus, there will be more babysitters available, restaurants won’t be as crowded, service will probably be a lot better, hotels won’t be over booked, and there will be plenty of flowers, cards, and gift to choose from for those of us that wait until the last minute.

What if you or your spouse can’t live without the heart-shaped chocolates and red and pink teddy bears?


THREE: Celebrate the day after!

I have a friend and her sister does this with her husband. They celebrate Valentine’s Day the day after. They still get the heart shaped candy, long stem roses, and pink teddy bears. But they get it all at 50% to 75% off. Not to mention, all the perks from suggestion number two!

valentines day coupleSo if you don’t kick butt at Valentine’s Day, it’s okay. Change things up, #VentureOut side the box this year and take some of the pressure off. No one says you have to celebrate the love of your life on Feb. 14th. You can do that any day OR every day!

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