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5 Ways to stay Cheerful this Christmas


Dec 2017


5 Ways to Stay Cheerful this Christmas 

It is so easy to lose yourself (and your family) in the “holiday” season. It can be fun to go to all the parties, find the best deals, see Santa, in theory. But let’s be honest with ourselves, how much of that is fun and how much is christmas-cheer-grinchstressful? How often does the worst part of us come out during the holiday season? So why do we do it all?

More importantly what are we teaching our children? The only reason we have the “holiday” season is because of Christmas. And what is Christmas all about? It’s not about the parties or Santa or shopping.

It’s about humbling ourselves and accepting the amazing Grace that God gave us that night through His Son!

So why then, do we spend the season feeding our fleshly desires instead of our spiritual ones? It’s a hard fight with all the temptations we face every day to be consumers.


So here are 5 ways to combat the temptations of the season.

  1. Start or end the day with a devotional (include the family)nativity

I know not everyone is a morning person and who has time to get the family together before rushing out the door? But, if you can find sometime during the day to reconnect with God, it will help ground you and remind you what the season is really about. Taking that time in the evening or the car with the kids will help them refocus as well. Sometimes we just need to check in and remember what it’s really all about.

  1. Start a tradition that is about pouring into each other as a family not about spending money.

Remember it’s about spending time together. Whether it’s putting up the tree, decorating with lights, shopping, or watching Christmas movies; it’s about the time together not just getting it done. Give yourself and your family that time to just enjoy each other. It’s okay if the tree only got half decorated because you guys laughed and played most of the time, or you didn’t buy any gifts because you and your spouse got lost in window shopping. It’s about the time you spend together! christmas lightsLaugh at the lights falling off the house or your spouse’s pants ripping as they haul the tree inside. In the end, the way the house looks and the tree will not make or break Christmas. But, your attitude and the time spent together will.

  1. Teach about the gift of giving.

This is the perfect time to teach your kids about the joy of giving to others. The excitement of picking out or making something for someone they care about. Or just giving to someone in need. There is so much joy that comes from giving, but if we don’t foster it, it won’t grow. Teach them about giving out of love and not obligation or entitlement.

  1. Say no!

It’s okay if you skip a Christmas party or two!!! They are supposed to be fun, but if they are stressing you out or causing you financial issues then skip out. Again, spend time at home pouring into your family. It’s okay not to go to every Christmas event in town or see every Santa. Pick the ones you and your kids will enjoy the most and leave the rest.

  1. Give yourself some Grace!

It’s okay if you can’t buy everything on your kids wish list. It’s good for them to have to wait for things or learn about working for things they want. It’s okay if the house isn’t decorated perfect or you haven’t hand made every teacher christmas doggift. That’s not what people will remember. They will remember the stressed out Mommy and Daddy and how grumpy they were. So remember, you are celebrating the birth of Jesus and His grace for you!!! So humble yourself and know you can’t do it all. But, that’s okay because you have Him to help you.


I wish you a very Merry Christmas with few gifts and tons of laughs.

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