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Dec 2014


Fall 2014 training volunteersWe are in our seventh year in teaching Healthy Choices, Healthy Relationships.   In the past seven years we have reached over 6000 kids.  Those teens area now building their own families, marrying and having children.  Many respond that they do not want o raise their children the same as their parents raised them, especially if they experienced their parent’s divorce.  So it is very refreshing to watch the light bulbs go off when we talk about the choices they are making and how they can effect relationships later.  Here are a few comments from our students.

I learned that communication between family and peers is important.  That we (teenagers) haven’t matured yet, so we should ask for mature people when making decisions.

Healthy Choices - Derek WaughI learned how to treat a girlfriend with respect and how to act mature around people.I

I learned what parts of the brain helps make good decisions and whenever you are in danger what your body does.

I learned the benefits of being positive and the down side of being negative. I learned about every issue that I was curious about.

I learned about maturity levels between boys and girls.  I also learned that you need to choose wisely who you want to marry and be with for the rest of your life.

Healthy Choices - Phil & Jane and CoachI learned how to help people smile and when to be smart and when to be a leader.  Thank you for taking your time to teach me these things.

The three most helpful things I learned were when we should have sex, what is danger and what is mental emotional.  What’s rude and how you wanna be treated and treat others.

I learned that if you’re nice then you will get respect, have positive energy.  I hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

Of course there were so many more comments.  We were in all of Whitfield County Schools, Murray County Schools and Dalton City Schools, and just entered into Gordon County at Sonoraville H.S.

We had 24 volunteers that all did a Fantastic job! So proud of each of our Volunteers.  Thank you to Rhonda McGuire, Russ Delozier, Chester Clark, Ben Rickett, Ray and Yormary Dickinson, Angie Ochoa, Kayanne Kerr, Elizabeth Day, Allison Whittle, Shelley Hankins, Derek Waugh, Derichia Lynch, Liz Cobos, Brandee Sanderson, Danielle Putnam, Rodney Koop, Dustin Coker, Zack Hall, Phil Khngg, Jane Clark, Jaime Rivera, Ann Piscitelli, Nikki Bartenfield, and Paula Davis.  What a great semester.

Join us, volunteer and help us change our little world.

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