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What I’m learning on the GAP / C&O Canal Adventure

  • What I’m learning on the GAP / C&O Canal Adventure


Jun 2015


imageWell, I knew I wanted to blog about this adventure, but wasn’t sure how or what. So here it goes. I’m starting a few days late, actually day 2 of our ride but day 4 of our adventure.  So here it goes.  Forgive me if I’m a bit corny but it hit me as I rode along how this journey is so much like my own marriage journey.

To be able to do this we had to plan. Well, John planned I followed.  But we both had to be willing to jump in and do this 350 or so miles on a bike.  That’s kind of like our marriage. We both had to be willing and committed to do the marriage thing. Just like the bike ride, we were all in or We wouldn’t do it.  We had to have the right equipment as well as planning our stops along the way. John and I always said our goal was to make 50 years. This might be a feat for us since our marriage started later.  But the goal is there, just like finishing the ride from Pittsburgh to DC.  image

I had to yield to John to plan because he’s much better at logistics And details. My job at this point was to clear th schedule and give him yes or no to accommodations etc.   Just like in our marriage we yielded to the one who does things best.  I’m a big picture person and John is detail most of the time.  The thing john does so well is to figure out the logistics to get us from point A to B to  C etc.   how he got us from Home to DC then leaving our car in DC then getting a rental to take us from DC to Pittsburgh was amazing. Then getting from the car to the trail was about as tricky. He did great, but I had to trust him.  After 25 years I knew I could. But I dont think I always did those first years. I wasn’t sure if he was looking out for him or me.  Time has shown he looks out for me.

I got to thinking about our first days on the trip. We were all excited and had no clue what was coming up or what imageobstacles we would face. That’s so much Like the first years of marriage.  Lots to look forward to but no clue what really was ahead   Things go pretty good you might have a few arguments but overall you’re in the honeymoon stage. we think that it’s not that hard, but….    We had a few challenges our day in DC. Physically it was harder for me to get around than in years past due to recent injuries and surgeries. But overall it was fun. We had to compromise some  in what we saw and did, but overall it was a great time.

Day 2 brought a few more challenges. Made me think it was more like years 1-3.  Still excited imagebut annoyances creep in. I sleep when we travel and john has to do all the driving. He likes  it that way except its a bit lonely and he would like my company and to share  his thoughts and dreams with me. There are other annoyances but luckily we can forget those quickly and move on. Gap blog 6 imageThat’s like the butt pains and foot pains we got as we rolled along.  At one point we lost the path and made a couple wrong terms. Made the ride a bit longer and harder but once we got back on track we rolled right along .    That’s like when the kids come along or other distractions we can forget the things we did to make our marriage  enjoyable .  We met people gap blog 2and talked along the Way.  We were so glad to get to our BnB. We were exhausted.  Just as we went out for our dinner a huge storm hit.  A little wait and the storm passed. It only took a positive attitude and seeing the good.  Which the good was that we did not ride in the rain and we had a very nice place to stay.  Always being thankful for what we haveGAP blog 1  Just as we need to do when we go the marriage thing going on.  Many times it’s really hard to keep focused on what’s good here.  We want to focus on all the negatives that are happening around us.  Things always look better in the morning too.  Plus we were committed to doing this thing so when you get up in the morning you just get on the bike gap Blog 4and pedal.

Stay tuned as I continue to ramble about my thoughts. …..

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