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What I Learned From Our Trip to Italy

  • What I Learned From Our Trip to Italy


Apr 2014


Laura John and Me in Cuna, ItalyIf you are a Facebook Follower of mine you saw that John and I recently took a trip to Italy.  We got more comments on those pictures than anything we have done before.  It was a great trip and every day was an adventure.  But the great part about it was what we learned.

scooter ride in Italy1. We connect best when we get away from home.  – Isn’t that true for a lot of us.  I must be ADHD but I just get so distracted from John our relationship and what’s important until we get out of our environment.  We found out how important it is to reconnect and just have fun together. We both have so much going on that talking at home just doesn’t happen.  But when we are in the car we talk and focus on fun stuff.  No we don’t always solve every problem that we have, but we find out how much we really enjoy being together.

2. We both have strengths and weaknesses. – As we drove around I realized how wonderful it isjohn and me at Brolio to have a husband that enjoys logistics.  He loves to figure out where to go when and how to get there etc.  It’s fun for him to get all those details together.  And it all goes so well together.  We ended up having flying points that we could use so he figured out how we could fly there just on the points.  That saved us thousands.  Then he found the greatest places to stay.  One night was in a Farmhouse B&B and the other was in a B&B in the old part of Levanto. Both were great locations!  He is able to study all the websites and find the best deals and the highest recommendations.  It was definitely a strength.  But then once we got there yes, he drives.  He can’t stand how I drive (I’m used to that!)  But I have a natural knack for putting the information into the GPS and getting where we need to go.  I’m also the one reading the map.  So I found my strength in being his navigator or co-pilot.

When we were in the different settings it was somehow easier to find each other’s strengths rather than focusing on our weaknesses.

Johnnme in Italy 20143. We learned that we really do have a lot in common.  We love to travel together because our likes are so similar.  I couldn’t get over how much fun we were having shopping.  We would see stuff that was so unique and he would say go ahead and get it.  I said something to him about how come he was being so nice?  He said I didn’t really ask for much usually and he was enjoying all that I was picking out until….. I wanted a little 2 Euro Alabaster Box.  He thought it was a waste of space and money.  I saw a great children’s story illustration and cute souvenir. That was kind of funny, because we had been doing great until then.  That was the first time he told Italy 2014me NO the whole trip.  I kind of hate to admit it but I won and got the box.  It did give me a chance to explain why and make us communicate.   We also learned that we travel well with each other but not other people.   We like to eat at the same time, go to our room and rest at the same time and do the same kind of activities.

All in all the trip was beautiful.  But more than that, I learned once again what I love and appreciate about my husband.  Have you experienced that?  If so, would you share?  Thanks

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