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A Little Different Post

  • A Little Different Post


Dec 2014


Ordinary peopleLast night and this morning I was praying about how I can get motivated to be more consistent with my blogs.  I’m always surprised with who reads them.  To me it’s very encouraging to see that others are reading them.  Well, in order for me to stay motivated and to be able to share from my heart, I have to be honest.  In the past I’ve almost been a little scared to share with people more about my beliefs.  I thought I would only try to share what I’d found in the literature or some facts etc.  Well, it’s time to be real!!! I want to share who and why I do this and hopefully give you even better insight.

First of all most of you will hopefully know that I’m a Christian and I’m a strong believer that God wants us healthy.  I believe that HIS word is one of the most important places we can get advice.  I have come to the conclusion that I will share what I’m learning every day and hopefully God will speak to you as He speaks to me.  I believe relationships come from God and if I am to be effective in helping anyone I need to listen Prideto what He’s telling me.

Well, here it goes…. This is a bit scarey!  This morning I was reading in Romans 12: 14-21.  some really important stuff I needed to hear.  Not just in my relationship with my husband, but in my relationship with my family, extended family and in my professional life.  This passage is loaded!! I actually heard Dennis Rainey talking about family relationshps and the stress we experience at Christmas.  How does God know what I need to hear?  His timing is always perfect!

When I study the Bible I try to read a passage then pick out the verse that really speaks to me then I write about it as follows: 1.  What is God saying here?  2. What is God saying to me?  3. How should I apply that to my life?

The whole passage is awesome, but the verse that stands out to me this morning is verse 16.  Live in harmony with one another.  Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.  Do not think you are superior.   Wow!  That hit me between the eyes.  Am II doing that?  Am I not getting along with certain family members because of my pride?  Do I not feel accepted in places because of MY superiority?  Is my having to be “Right” keeping me from a healthy family relationship?  Oh dear,  here I go, I’m vulnerable and will probably get comments of agreement.  Yes, I know I am guilty as charged! There I said it! And I don’t feel any better!  I’m still mulling this over! God is saying that those of us that act like we know it all are resented.  That’s not what He wants.  He did not die to make us God, He is God still and knows so much more!!

Being KindHow am I going to apply this to my life?  Well, I can say simply, I’m just not going to do it any more.  I wish it were that simple.  I need to constantly put myself in others shoes.  When I talk with a couple that feels hopeless or feels like they have done everything that is possible,  I want to just yell at them.  I need to slow down and put myself in their shoes.  Actually, I have been in those shoes.  I should go back to those feelings that I had and express them to that person.  When a person knows that you can express their feelings you must understand where they are coming from.  They then can start to trust you because they don’t see a judgement.   I believe that God wants me to put myself in their shoes a little more frequently .


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