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And the Ride Continues as well as the Ramblings.

  • And the Ride Continues as well as the Ramblings.


Jun 2015


Gap blog 7Day 3:  By the second day we had rested had a wonderful breakfast, made some new acquaintances and knew we could keep going.  We planned to do around 50 miles to get to our next destination which was a little town past Ohiopyle.  Beautiful ride.  Saw people rafting all along the ride.  Lots of rapids below the rivers we crossed.  Just gorgeous.  We were still going at a 1% grade at most so the ride wasn’t too bad on the crushed gravel.

This section was kind of like years 3-5.  Still going pretty easy but we were starting toGap blog day 3 get tired, we still have fun, usually children come along about this time and things get a bit rougher.  But you say you’re going to make it and you do.

Gap Blog BistroWe kept going and enjoyed the long stretches of bridges.  Even enjoyed our stops along the way to hit the yummy bistro or the ice cream and enjoy the town.  Kind of like enjoying the times with the kids.  We got into our next destination which was a beautiful Inn right next door to the River’s Edge Restaurant.  The room was quite nice and we were able to clean up and get to the restaurant and just as we got to our table the sky fell.  We saw some beautiful fog rising over the river and enjoyed the evening.  When we got to our Inn we found it a little harder to sleep.  Needed to take the Gap dinnerAleve and even then I woke up at 3 and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Kind of like getting really tired with kids.  We get irritated and we stop having fun.  We stop seeing the neat stuff around us.  It just gets a bit harder.

Day 4:  We got up early to find a breakfast place.  This wasn’t included in our stay so we found a local diner.  All kinds of local folks there enjoying their coffee and eggs and hashbrowns.  gap blog 11Seemed like we were in the south except there weren’t any grits.   We were able to ride around the little town and get back on the trail by 9:00 am.  And we were off again.  But this time we noticed we were having a lot more uphills than the day before.  Now take it they were never more than 1,8% but we felt them after 25 miles or so.

Just like the marriage around 5 – 11 years, it gets a lot harder, especially if kids are involved.  Kids are wonderful and add so much, but the stress is there.  It’s easy to get focused on them and not on the marriage.  That’s like us we kept getting focused on the uphills and not on how we might be able to help each other.

During Day 4 we had some really cool scenery and history, along with rain showers on and off.  We went through tunnels and over the river on bridges and tressles and got to the top of the Continental Divide.  Yes, it’s Gap blog 13right there in Pennsylvania.  We went through the tunnel and then we were blessed with the downhill.  We now had 26 miles with 1–2% downgrades and they were sweet!  Gap blog 14We crossed the Mason Dixon Line and got into our destination of Frostburg.  That was our most disappointing place.  Beautiful setting, but we had to go up these switchbacks to be able to get to our motel.  When we got there it was clean and very simple, but there was plastic on the beds and the shower was tiny.  Not quite as luxurious as the others we had stayed in.  There were not too many places to eat and we chose the wrong one and our meal Gap blog 15there wasn’t good.  We got up the next morning expecting a breakfast and there was none so had to move along without breakfast.

This was so much like years 5-11 in the marriage.  It got really tough Gap blog 16then.  The kids went through their teens and that caused a lot of stress in the marriage.  It seemed like an uphill battle.  But when we got to the kids older years it started to get a little easier but yet even harder. Each stage has been different.  This is the stage that most divorces happen.  Just like the bike ride we were committed to moving forward.  Kept it going for the kids sake.  We were committed to the next stage….



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