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Let’s Make Northwest Georgia Different

  • Let’s Make Northwest Georgia Different


Aug 2017


Teens PicturesI just read a note that says over all in the United States we see a trend in decreasing teen pregnancies.  A new Government Report says that in 2016, the teen birth rate dropped 9% compared to the previous year.   So we don’t need to continue we accomplished a solution to the problem.  I say NO!  We treated a symptom!!  Did you know that single parenting has increased by astronomical amounts. (Great Information about our single parent families!)We have gotten the message out that TEENS should not get pregnant, but they forgot to say that the sequence we go through life is the secret to success.  I.e. Graduate from High School (ok they got that!) Go to college or get a job (um. sort of got that!).  GET Married! (oops! they don’t get it! )  Have Babies!   They have gotten the message that getting pregnant is bad, but they also have the message that MARRIAGE is bad!  Nope, it’s NOT!
WDSC_0110e were made to have a life partner! and to enjoy being with them.  If we have multiple partners we tend to have more mental health issues and overall health issues. such as obesity, diabetes and earlier death.  So have we really fixed the problem?  Oh and did I mention that we have more and more children with depression due to Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Did you know that 4 or more of the following can lead to PTSD in children?

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Sexual abuse
  3. Emotional abuse
  4. Physical neglect
  5. Emotional neglect
  6. Mother treated violently
  7. Household substance abuse
  8. Household mental illness
  9. Parental separation or divorce
  10. Incarcerated household member

We talk about PTSD in our soldiers coming back from war, but not about our children!

Broken familyWhen parents separate and divorce all of the above are at greater risk for that child.  That’s what we are all about!  We are training a new generation to see that marriage is not the problem but relationships.  We are now finding that any of these adverse experiences in childhood follow a person their entire life.

Our kids do not know how to have healthy relationships.  They go to Social Media (not just Facebook) to check to see how they are doing rather than learning how to make friends.  They don’t know how to date and actually flirt!   Most families do not eat at the dinner table together, they sit in front of the TV and watch either Walking Dead or other shows that don’t necessarily give them good examples.

girl-1641215_1920We used to talk about our past to our children, but now are we afraid to?  Do we have skeletons in our closet that might show that we are not perfect parents?  Maybe?  But our kids need to know our stories, they need to know the good and the bad and know why we see them as bad.  Your story is important to your child.  If not who’s story and morals will they follow?

Map of NW GeorgiaMy dream is to make Northwest Georgia a “HEALTHY” place for our kids to grow up.  I want them to want to come back to our area because they have GREAT memories!  I want our kids to see Northwest Georgia as a GREAT place to have their families!  I want to REFRAME our area so that this next generation Values Traditional Family Values.  And there is NOTHING wrong with those.  They are the template for GOOD social support which leads to good health.

Want to join me?  Let’s get this message out!!! Marriage is not the problem Unhealthy Relationships ARE!  Teach your kids  Graduate from high school, go to college or get a job, Get married then have babies.  When you do things in this order, your chances for a “Happy Life” increases.  For more information or if you want to get involved with this movement email me at  We need a huge community to get us back on track!

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