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The Election is Over, What Now?


Nov 2016


i_voted_sticker-r9e8abad0ab5d4e9fbe7d9321b3b15060_v9waf_8byvr_324What Now?

Don’t know what to do now that the election is over?


Here’s an idea…for every “rant” or “rave” you have made about the election and its results, donate 1 hour towards volunteering in our community.
If you complained because you think you are going to loose everything over the next 4 years, volunteer for an hour a week for seven weeks to teach our future generations how to make healthy choices by volunteering with #FamilyFrameworks.
If you are pissed because of the way the nation has divided itself and relationships have been destroyed because of the election, volunteer to teach 9th graders how to have healthy relationships so our children and grandchildren will know to treat others even in times of conflict.

If you are worried about job stability and what the future holds for your family , volunteer or donate to #FamilyFrameworks to promote Healthy Marriages, Strong Families, and Thriving Communities.
If you think the welfare system is going tank and no one will be there to care for the vulnerable populations , go volunteer with us and pour into the lives of 9th graders as they begin making life changing choices. Teach them how to be productive members of society.

If you are happy with the results of last night’s political race, celebrate by giving back to your community and Text Marriage to 71777. 

You have as much power as the man sitting in that Oval Office or on Capitol Hill. You are in control of your destiny, so get controlling.

And above all else, actions are more powerful than words.

So who out there is gonna go out and put his/her $$ where his/her mouth is?

Text Marriage to 71777 to Donate Now!

God Bless!


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