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May 2015


Money and budgetAs I promised, I would keep you updated. Well, on my last post, I stated that I was having a hard time with all this. Still am but it’s getting a lot better.
I started working on Dave Ramsey’s really cool site and put the budget in there.  Well, not really, I’ve put the expenses and I’m tracking my expenses to better tell how the budget should be.  I’m hoping this will show me where I can do better, but it’s also a tool that might help John to see the benefits of following a budget.  I have done this for March and April and working on May.  Hopefully after 3 months I will have a better grasp of what and where we are spending.

couple at computerAs far as talking with John about it.  Well, I tend to let my emotions get in the way and have a challenge just like everyone else in keeping my cool, and trying to explain in a non-threatening way.  Whoo! That’s really a trick for me.  I’ve written a letter to him about it and he said he would at least think about it.  I’m at least encouraged there.  But as I said before we have a long way to go.  I love Dave Ramsey’s snowball for getting our debt under control.  But I don’t quite understand how to set that up.  I’m doing a decent job in tracking the expenses, but I’m not the one writing the checks and I think there are other expenses coming from other places.

Couple-DiscussingTalking about money is hard, it’s emotional and it’s threatening.  I am trying to get a grasp on how I can be the most helpful to John and not blame or point fingers, but really truly look at MY part in the whole deal.  I want to respect him for what he’s been doing and I want to also be able to give sound advice so that we can enjoy some of our dreams and avoid some of our concerns.

Well, this is a short note, but wanted to put something in here for my readers.  If you have comments, I would gratefully love to hear them.  I strongly recommend taking a course in Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.  Check out his site.  

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