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If you Give a Mouse a Cookie- Marriage style By Katie Walker

  • If you Give a Mouse a Cookie- Marriage style By Katie Walker


Nov 2016


I love reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie to my daughter, so I was so excited when I saw this post from the blog …to Love, Honor, and Vacuum the other day. It’s the Marriage version!!!

So husbands… this would be really cute gift for the wife that seems overwhelmed. How would you do that you ask???

Well, you could easily copy and paste it into a photo book from Snapfish or Walgreens. Change your favorite dates to the things you used to do and add pictures of your family. Once you pick out pictures it would take an hour tops. And your wife would love and appreciate the thoughtful side of it, especially if the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a staple in your house.


If you give your husband a kiss, he’ll probably want a hug to go with it.

You’ll nestle your head under his chin, and just breathe him in.

The smell will remind you of when you first started dating and you didn’t want to be anywhere else but nestled under his chin.

You’ll think back on some of your favorite first dates – ice cream, pancakes, holding hands in front of your friends.

Before you can get too carried away, a toddler will probably squeeeeeeze their way in between your legs, breaking apart your hug.

You’ll open your eyes to see breakfast dishes that need cleaned up, kids who need noses or butts wiped, and the million other tiny and enormous things you do every day.

You’ll see the little babies running around and the messes and pile of bills and the work shirts.

You’ll see the rogue marker marks and mountain of laundry and the inch-thick dust bunnies.

You might be so overwhelmed; you won’t know where to start.




You’ll see all the ways your life is different now than it was when it was late-night pancake dates and ice cream runs.

So you’ll take a deep breath, whisper a prayer, take a drink of coffee, and just start on something.

You’ll get so caught up in what’s going on around you, you’ll miss talking to your husband before he leaves for work.

You’ll start to say goodbye as he leaves, when you notice the baby has had a blowout.

After you change the diaper, you’ll wash your hands, and notice your wedding ring.

Your wedding ring will remind you of your wedding, and the man that you married.

You’ll think again of all the ways life is different now than it was when he slipped that ring on your finger.

And then you’ll think of all the ways it’s still the same, just like when you nestled your head under his chin.

You’ll hear the door to the garage shut and realize your husband’s leaving for work.

You’ll realize you don’t want to miss giving him one more hug before he leaves this morning.

So you’ll run out into the driveway looking like a hot mess.


He’ll smile because he thinks you’re beautiful, and you’ll still not understand how much he means it.

You’ll probably smile back, trying to pick one out of a million things you could say.

Instead, you’ll decide to give him a hug.

And chances are, if you give your husband a hug, YOU’LL want a kiss to go with it.

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