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Ok, I Know I’m Selfish but…….

  • Ok,  I Know I’m Selfish but…….


Mar 2014


Just this afternoon John and I were talking with some of our friends and co-workers and it slipped out from him a little cut “I know what you mean, I do the work around the house now”   Well, there’s some truth in that.  

Since the kids left I’m not focused on home.  It’s like I have a chance to develop me now.  So actually he does do more around the house.  

I laugh though because he’s chosen to take many of the chores on, and I have not asked him to.  The most funny ones are that he started cooking,  he wouldn’t cook anything but fish sticks and tater tots when the kids were home.  He told me over and over that he couldn’t cook.  Well, the kids left and now he loves to cook.  I’m not going to argue,  I love for him to cook.  And the other is the laundry.  He decided that he knew how to do the wash much better than me.  As long as he didn’t turn my underwear pink, I was ok with it.  So it took me aback when he said that he did all the work at home.

Well,  I started this with I know I’m selfish.  Well, I do, but once I realize that do I let it continue or do I make an effort to change.  I choose to look at myself and make the changes where I can.  I need to support him as he would support me when I did more.

There are always going to be give and takes.  Different times in our lives we will do different roles.  A marriage is always changing.  That’s what makes it interesting.  But we do need to always look at ourselves and improve where we can.  Don’t be afraid to change.

Where do you need to change?


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