Family Frameworks

Our Mission


Improve our communities by strengthening family relationships.


Increase the percentage of families where children grow up with their own married parents in the home.


To promote the beliefs, benefits and behaviors of healthy families.

Marriage and Divorce Statistics for Northwest Georgia.


Date Night Family Frameworks:

We have discontinued the Date Night Cards this year, we want to focus on our target group which is those couples that have been married 0-20 years.  We hope to provide some programs that will encourage our couples in the Northwest Georgia community.  Contact us for information about how you can improve your marriage with regular date nights.

Date nights are one of the most effective ways to keep your marriage strong!  Most research indicates that when couples reconnect without children and away from the home, they tend to have stronger, happier marriages.


Healthy Choices

A curriculum for health classes

Presently we are teaching in every high school in Whitfield and Murray Counties.  We have taught over 2400 students each year.  Volunteers are excited to teach the students the skills that it takes to have healthy relationships in the home as well as in the work place.

Since this program was brought to the schools we have seen a significant decrease in the number of teen pregnancies.  Volunteers teach seven lessons over seven weeks.  The topics include: Male and Female Brains, Media Influences, Family & Friends Influences, Abuses -what is it, How to Stay Safe, Bullying, Rudeness and Respect and How to Make Decisions.  All of this is taught with the evidence that when students graduate from high school, go to college then get married, then have a baby they have a greater chance for success.