Family Frameworks



At Family Frameworks we believe that Strong Families start before Marriage. That is why we strive to have programs that reach everyone at each stage in their lives.

Healthy Choices Healthy Relationships Class:

In partnership with Whitfield, Murray, and Gordon County dibble-logo-header-3High Schools, we teach 9th graders how to make healthy choices in their lives and how to develop healthy relationships using The Dibble Institute’s Healthy Choices Healthy Relationships It is a seven-week program that focuses on relationships and influences in teenagers lives. Each lesson is very interactive with discussions, videos, and activities. Students learn about the differences between male and female brains and hormones, media, family, and friend influences, dating safety and abuse, bullying, respect, and decision making. Our focus is teaching students how to set goals and how the impact that every relationship they form affects these goals. This is done solely through trained volunteers in the community.


How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk/Jerkette Program:

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Each stage of life brings its own challenge and relationships. As teenagers graduate high school many begin looking for the love of their life. Unfortunately, society has distorted what “love” looks like and how to find it. Often couples rush into relationships and commitments without truly knowing the person they are committing to. Dr. Van Epp’s How to Avoid falling for a Jerk/Jerkette is a 7 to 10-week program that teaches young adults how to identify healthy as well as unhealthy relationships from the beginning. It is very interactive with discussions, videos, and activities. We are working to partner with local colleges to provide this to incoming freshmen.


Children In Between:

Divorce happens and is sometimes necessary. Our goal is to educate parents about the effects divorce can have on the children and provide parents with the skills to interact with each other without placing their child in the middle of their divorce. We have been approved by the Whitfield County Court system to provide the required divorcing parents classes. Children in Between is an evidenced based program that has been proven to decrease the traumatic affects divorce has on children. Topics covered include; money issues, long distance parenting, quizzing children about the other parent, putting down the other parent, children carrying messages, and never married parents.

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Marriage Mentoring:

 LTL-logo-letter-head-large-e1463604891126We support marriages in the community by pairing strong couples with those seeking premarital counseling and crisis assistance. Having a strong couple mentoring new or troubled couples creates a relationship of lifetime support.   We work with local agencies and churches to identify and train strong couples in the community to walk alongside these couples. We are currently using Live the Life’s Start Smart


ventureout shirt 2017 (002)We believe that no matter what stage your relationship is in it’s important to DATE. Especially once you are married. When you are dating the best way to get to know someone is through your dates. A proven strategy to a successful marriage is to have regular date nights. VentureOut is an exclusive program that provide couples monthly discounts on the best events and restaurants in town.