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And The Challenge Continues


Feb 2014


It's Never too late to start over.

Lynne Gentry

John and Kathy at Christmas Well, life got in the way.  Thought I would be transparent and let you know that I tried to continue the challenge and several things in life got in my way, i.e. husband went out of town to check on his parents, then I got sick.  So the challenge stopped.  But isn’t that like so many things that we start?  Life gets in the way and we forget to come back to it.

I guess it would not be called a challenge if it wasn’t!! So now, to get back on track!!.  What we tend to do is put it on the back burner when life gets in the way and say, ahhh… I’ll work on that later, or I’m doing fine we don’t need that right now.  But to be honest, I was finding that I was making a greater effort to show my husband love in a way that he needed to be shown.  I was hopefully changing myself.  So I must get back on track and go again.

Each of us has challenges and must learn from our challenges.  I get really sad when I hear of a couple that is getting married and they say to me, we don’t need premarital counseling, we’ve already did this twice.  Well, if you did it twice what did you learn?  So How’s that working for you?

Others will say I don’t need to do that!  If I gave my wife a gift she’d wonder what I was up to?  Really, have you tried it lately?  What did you do when you were dating?  Maybe she has a different love language.

Well, with that, I’m going to start back up again and try to complete the challenge.  I will start back on Day 8 Feb. 21 – Pick up a movie you can enjoy watching together. I read that tear jerkers actually raise the oxytocin. Just spend the evening with netflix or redbox and enjoy sitting down beside each other.  Since that’s where I stopped.John and Kathy

I noticed when I did these things I felt closer to John and I appreciated him more.  I could actually see his point of view on different issues that I would have argued with him more.  I took the time to love him the way he needed to be shown love and actually I felt more loved.  Isn’t that funny!

Well, here’s to you.  Anyone out there willing to continue with the challenge?  Can you share with us how it went?

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