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How to Get Back With Your Ex – Feeling lost and confused after a break up? Find out what you can do to get your ex back here.

Dear Peggy  – A website to help those affected by affairs in their marriages.

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Founded by Willard Harley, Jr, PhD, author of “His Needs, Her Needs”, Marriage Builders is an organization devoted to helping couples learn how to fall in love and stay in love…forever. At the Marriage Builders web site you will find hundreds of articles written by Dr. Harley which clearly guide you through an understanding about how to build and maintain a mutually enjoyable marriage. Marriage Builders is one of the most popular marriage sites on the internet. Sign-up for the FREE Marriage Builders Newsletter.

Steve Harley
St. Paul, Minnesota (MN)
Phone: 651-762-8570
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“Straight Talk about Strengthening Marriage” is an electronic newsletter designed to help you put some focus on strengthening your marriage and family, written by Laura Brotherson CFLE, author of the exciting new book about marital intimacy and ONEness entitled “And They Were Not Ashamed—Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment”. Join now to receive insights and inspiration regarding marriage, sex and parenting by subscribing online to this free newsletter. You’ll be inspired and your interest piqued with Marriage Tips, Articles, Straight Talk Q&A, and Words to Ponder.

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The coalition serves as an information exchange and clearinghouse to help couples locate marriage and relationship courses; to help professionals, clergy and lay educators locate training
programs and resources; to connect those with an interest in the continuing development of the field; to support community initiatives, legislation and research; and to promote the effectiveness of marriage education programs and increase their availability in the community. The Coalition is non-denominational, non-partisan, and non-sectarian and is supported solely by the proceeds of the annual conference. The only membership requirement is an interest in strengthening marriages and families. If you are interested, you are a member. Welcome! There are no dues. You can participate by attending the annual conference and by subscribing to the FREE e-newslist (it’s how we stay connected) and by working to increase the availability of marriage strengthening classes in your community.

First Things First (FTF)

This not-for-profit organization in Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN) is dedicated to strengthening families through community education, research, skills training, media outreach, networking and collaboration. Through partnerships with more than 80 local and national organizations, FTF works with all areas of the community to change attitudes and behaviors toward marriage and divorce, prevent out of wedlock pregnancies, and increase father involvement in the lives of
children. FTF encourages individuals, corporations and houses of worship to mobilize to equip couples and families with skills they need to build strong healthy lasting relationships.

Julie Baumgardner, director
(2-day Instructor Certification Training at the Dallas Smart Marriages Conference)
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Phone: 423-267-5383
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Marriage Education Institute

Strengthening Relationships through Online Learning. A non-profit organization offering quality Marriage Education programs through the “Anywhere, any time” convenience of Online Learning.
Proven learning model. No travel costs, babysitters, scheduling problems or exposure of personal problems. Programs for professionals (CEUs available), couples, and singles. Programs for 2005 include World Class Marriage Online, Big Picture Partnering Online and many more. Check regularly for our expanding curriculum. Online classes throughout the year.

Patty Howell and Ralph Jones
Leucadia, California (CA)
Phone: 760-436-3960
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Researches, experiences and evaluates resources that guide you to the highest possibilities in human relationships. The first step leads toward accepting True Self with ease, which in turn leads to REAL connection with others. We find the best resources – workshops, books, tapes – and recommend them when appropriate.

Bill Elbring
Penngrove, California (CA)
Phone: 707-792-6700
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MARRIAGE SAVERS & Community Marriage Covenants

Has helped cut divorce rates in dozens of the 150-plus cities where clergy adopted a Community Marriage Policy that calls for rigorous marriage preparation and training Mentor Couples to help couples prepare for life-long marriage, strengthen existing marriages and save troubled marriages

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