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  • What I Learned From Our Trip to Italy


Apr 2014


What I Learned From Our Trip to Italy

If you are a Facebook Follower of mine you saw that John and I recently took a trip to Italy.  We got more comments on those pictures than anything we have done before.  It was a great trip and every day was an adventure.  But the great part about it was what we learned. 1. […]

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  • Ok,  I Know I’m Selfish but…….


Mar 2014


Ok, I Know I’m Selfish but…….

Just this afternoon John and I were talking with some of our friends and co-workers and it slipped out from him a little cut “I know what you mean, I do the work around the house now”   Well, there’s some truth in that.   Since the kids left I’m not focused on home.  It’s like […]

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Nov 2013


The Second Biggest Reason for Divorce and How to Avoid It.

Incompatibility is actually a reason people get divorced as in second after infidelity.  That one is confusing to me.  If you are incompatible, how did you get together in the first place?  My friend John Van Epp has spent much of his life studying and teaching about the Relationship Attachment Model.  This particular model has ...

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