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  • Let’s Make Northwest Georgia Different


Aug 2017


Let’s Make Northwest Georgia Different

I just read a note that says over all in the United States we see a trend in decreasing teen pregnancies.  A new Government Report says that in 2016, the teen birth rate dropped 9% compared to the previous year.   So we don’t need to continue we accomplished a solution to the problem.  I say NO! […]

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Mar 2014


Myth #3 – There is no Hope for a Cheater

Another lie that continues is that once there is an affair in a marriage, there is no hope so you might as well divorce.  I would not necessarily say that.  There are different reasons that people have affairs.  There are different temperaments that are more willing to forgive.  There are different situations that need to […]

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Nov 2013


The Second Biggest Reason for Divorce and How to Avoid It.

Incompatibility is actually a reason people get divorced as in second after infidelity.  That one is confusing to me.  If you are incompatible, how did you get together in the first place?  My friend John Van Epp has spent much of his life studying and teaching about the Relationship Attachment Model.  This particular model has ...

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