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Can a Commercial Change a Culture?


Jun 2014


When you think about it, that sounds pretty silly.  A one minute commercial is pretty insignificant.  But I believe it can.  Apparently the marketing team from the company thought it could too.  They look at things that are important to people that will catch their eye.  Some are positive and some are not so positive.

For several months I have been watching to see if there might be a few positives about marriage on TV.  After all our culture has been negatively impacted by TV in many different ways.  I believe the power of suggestion is “POWERFUL”.  So here are a couple of commercials that I think are positive about marriage and a couple that might not be so positive, but are subtally positive or negative.

Here’s one by ADT that I think is pretty positive.   It has humor but it also shows the relationship of Date Night with mom & dad and the daughter and caring about their child.  They are discussing whether it is ok for daughter to have friends over.  Mom has one picture and Dad has a different.  Both show that they care, and they find a solution. All in one minute.

Ok, What about this Subaru Outback commercial that brings the cool back to being married.? They could have done this commercial so that it was just a date and a couple, but they portrayed marriage and making the lasting memories.  I think that one is pretty cool.  Subaru has a lot of positive commercials for marriages and families.

This is a positive commercial for Dads.  Just wish it had a mom to show they are married and a complete family.  But it’s still got a positive message.

What do you think?  Do you have a commercial that you’ve seen that’s positive for marriage and family.  Let’s share them.

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