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Life Is Crazy!!


Aug 2013


Life has gotten to be wild and crazy!! I feel like I’ve lost control to some extent, but yet so much continues to happen.  I let my blog go for a while because I felt like I needed to show attention to my husband’s needs.   He loves to travel and go on adventures, so when summer hit we had our children coming and going and he had a goal of doing RAGBRAI again this year.  After riding with him on many Tuesday evening group rides and weekend rides, I came to the conclusion that he gives me so very much and I need to return to him at least time and attention.  He allows me time to work on this initiative and supports me in many ways.  So when  I realized that I needed to think of his needs over my own, I realized how important it was for him that I go with him on RAGBRAI.  Yes, he would have and easily could have done this on his own, but it was much more enjoyable to share this experience with me.  On several occasions he told me how much he wished I was going with him.  I finally came to the conclusion and was inspired to join him on this ride.  But, it was a sacrifice in other areas.  I don’t regret the time we had and actually look back and have some great memories, lessons and growth from the experience.  But, it’s taken me a while to get back on track.

Last week was our largest fundraiser dinner we have ever attempted.  We brought Coach Bobby Bowden in, one of my dreams, to speak.  But that required a lot of time and energy too.  It was an awesome experience too!  A great man that has an uncanny ability to share his heart in a straight forward manner, without being politically correct and gets the point across so effectively and non-threateningly. But,  I’m still recovering from that too.

Recently one of my board members shared a great book with me by the Steven Covey organization, The 4 Disciplines of Executions, Achieving your Wildly Important Goals.  Once I began to read this book I realized how effective this was, not just in leadership in an organization but also in your personal life.  One of the things that it brought out was that we can all get distracted by our “whirlwinds”.  These whirlwinds are the activities just as I have mentioned above that keep you from accomplishing your Wildly Important Goals.  But what are yours and my Wildly Important Goals?  Are my goals to focus on my husband and family and meet their needs?  Are my goals to serve others?  Are my goals to do what God calls me to do?  I have come to the conclusion that I need to constantly keep the goals of my life intact so that I am doing what God calls me to do.  I need to constantly visit these goals so that I am making sure my goals for my personal coincide with my professional life.

So with all these considerations I have come to the conclusion as I read today, that my life is about putting others first so that I can be totally dependent on God to take care of all of my needs.   When I do that I have seen the mighty things that He accomplishes through me, which I am a very insignificant human body, to accomplish what he wants.  I want to meet the needs of my husband and family and show them the love and acceptance that they need.  And then I want to serve my community with love to encourage others to have strong healthy families so that the children that I see can have a better chance in this world.

In conclusion,  I want to keep my focus in the right place, so I hope you will understand when certain whirlwinds get in my way.  I pray that I will reach my Wildly Important Goals by keeping myself focused on the right things.  I hope this might be helpful to you too.  So here’s to a new start to my blog and away we go!!!

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