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What I’ve Learned from “Catch Me if You Can”


Jan 2014


It’s been twelve years since the movie “Catch Me if You Can” was in the theater.   We still watch it and I’m still puzzled by it.  Why would such an intelligent man do such crazy things?  I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this past week and he brought out such a profound point about this man.  He said, Frank Abagnale Jr. gave up when he realized there was no hope that his parents would get back together.

Is this the case with the 33% of the children that are in the Detention Center?  Are they wanting get their parents attention so that they will TRY to work things out?  Or is it just anger that they are there for?

Maybe it’s both.  I know that my son and daughter struggle with the choice that their father and I made. They understand in their heads, but they hurt in their heart.  I believe EVERY child wants to be raised by their own two married parents.

I also believe that it’s more than just in their head.  When children are born they are bonded to their mother and father.  They have the similar bonding I believe because of the DNA.

I saw yesterday where two girls became best friends and then found out they were sisters.  Why was there such an attraction?  Could it be the DNA.  We are attracted to those that are like us.  The same with our parents.  We carry similar traits, similar likes, and similar temperaments.

I know with each of my children I have the ability to get into their head and really understand why they do what they do.  Many times it is because that is the way I would have done it.

When two people divorce and there are children, do those children feel like a part of them is condemned or rejected because they have some actual DNA of that person?  There is something to this.  So many are effected.  I don’t believe it can be just emotional.

If we can understand this, maybe we can understand why people do what they do a little better so we can be of greater help to them.  Sometimes I feel like that is what I’m trying to do.  Just help the kids by preventing the breakup.  How many kids can we help if we prevent the senseless divorces?  Do these no-fault divorces really need to happen?  Can we teach people how to stay together?  I still have so many different questions.

What do you think?  Is all this in vain?

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