What We Do

Family Frameworks engages teens through relevant and thought-provoking discussions, correlating with our sexual risk avoidance education. Over the course of each year, our program works with 2500 students through various channels, primarily through local private and public schools and other service-oriented organizations, over 45 classes weekly, hosted by 11 sites in total.

Family Frameworks is in Whitfield, Murray, and Gordon Counties and is invited into local high schools to teach life skills, healthy decision making, and tools to identify healthy relationship qualities in order to align students with our Pathway for Success model, which encourages each student to do the following in order: graduate high school, pursue post-secondary education,
get a job, then consider getting married and starting a family.


Family Frameworks was officially started in 2005 by local nurse practitioner Kathy Schleier. During her career, Kathy was met with many different family structures. In 2005, for every
1000 females living in our Northwest Georgia region, 53 young ladies would find themselves pregnant and unprepared. Schleier’s mission after seeing impoverished, unsupported, and unprepared young mothers and fathers enter her pediatric practice was to create a movement that would overtime ensure that our local teens would be better prepared in the realms of sexual abstinence, future goals and plans, and have the possibility of engaging in healthy marriages.

Kathy’s mission was to create a thriving community through successful relationships. She
understood that the community is better when the families are stronger, and that happens when relationships are healthy.

Family Framework’s mission is to empower young adults with the ability to make healthy decisions involving relationships, future goals, problem-solving, and navigating negative influences through our Healthy Choices/Healthy Relationships course.

Our Main Mission